Implanty Tapered Immediate Molar


Laser-Lok microchannels

Precision engineered Laser-Lok collar shown to promote oblique connective tissue attachment, much like a natural tooth.

optimized threadform

Anatomically tapered implant body has proprietary reverse buttress threads with wide flat leading edges for increased stability.

restorative ease

45° conical internal hex connection is color-coded for quick identification and component matching.

color-coded platforms

Color-coded platform and prosthetics increase safety and makes restorative procedures fast and accurate.


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Catalog & manual (TSK4000)

HD Surgical Kit Reference Chart (TSK4000)

HD Drill Sequence Chart (TSK4000)

HD Drill Usage Chart (TSK4000)

Impression quick reference guide

Laser-Lok research summary

Color-coding reference card

Prosthetic catalog

Interactive Prosthetic Technique Manual